A pair of black and white stripped flip flops sit on a blue background with a bottle of decorative blue flip flop party paint on top.

Fun Flip Flop Party Ideas (For Any Occasion)

Flip flops are everywhere, from beaches to wedding receptions and everything in between. But what about throwing a flip flop party? These comfy sandals definitely deserve an entire party dedicated to them, and they’re fit for all occasions.

Read on to discover our favorite flip flop party ideas, a list of flip flop party items and supplies, and a handy guide for having the happiest feet at any event!

Everything You Need to Know About Flip Flop Parties

Before planning your flip flop party, you must know the basics. The good news is that any party can become a flip flop party – you just need the right supplies and attitude!

What is a flip flop party?

A flip flop party is any celebration centered around flip flops. You can decorate them, wear them, or give them as a favor.

Ready to throw your own flip flop party? We’re highlighting our top flip flop party ideas, from surprisingly chic to simple and silly.

Flip Flop Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday parties come in all shapes and sizes, and flip flops can fit into any theme. In addition, guests of all ages love decorating their own pair of sandals they can take home and wear.

Colorful flip flops forming a circle on a half pink and half yellow floor.

Here are a few of our favorite ideas for flip flop birthday parties:

  • Have everyone decorate their own pair of flip flops. Include lots of craft supplies so everyone can express themselves through their sandal art!
  • Include summer elements throughout the party to tie into the flip flop theme. Bright colors, beachy music, and fruity drinks complete the flip flop vibe. 
  • Make a birthday cake shaped like a flip flop, or include designs on individual cupcakes. 
  • If you’re throwing a house party and want to keep shoes out of the home, have everyone slip into a pair of fresh, new flip flops as they arrive. 


Decorating Flip Flops for a Spa Party

A spa party is a great chance to include flip flops. After all, nothing says relaxation like kicking off your shoes and slipping into a comfy, breathable sandal. 

Any age group can decorate spa party flip flops. If you’re having a classier celebration, consider including custom flip flop labels for each guest, and stick to muted, pastel tones. Young groups might like something more bright and fun with the chance to glue or tie on decorations. 


No matter what, decorating flip flops for a spa party will elevate your thoughtful (and relaxing!) celebration. 

A wicker hat, rope, large green leaf, and yellow flip flops rest on a white wooden floor.

Bridal Party Flip Flop Party Ideas

There are so many ways to include flip flops in your pre-wedding festivities. Any bride-to-be deserves the chance to kick off her shoes and relax, and flip flops are a great reminder to do just that. 


Check out these great bridal party flip flop Ideas:


    • Renting a house for a bachelorette party? Make sure each attendee receives a pair of flip flops when they arrive. They can wear them around the house or hot tub!
    • Before heading out on the town for your Bach Bash, have each hen decorate a pair of flip flops as wildly as possible. Carry them with you when you’re ready to ditch the high heels. 
    • Classy, quiet bridal showers can include flip flops as favors. If you’d like to decorate them, you can get silk flowers, dainty lace, and pretty beads. 

Flip Flops at Wedding Receptions

One of the best things about flip flops is how comfortable and compact they are. This is why they make such great wedding favors. Not only could they be useful as guests hit the dance floor, but they can enjoy them long after your big day. 


But how do you ensure flip flops are classy enough for a wedding? Be sure to bulk order ones in soft or neutral colors. White, black, blush, gold, and silver are all great shades for wedding flip flops. 


Include tags that include your married name or any other wedding-related phrase. Then you can place them in a cute basket so your guests can take them as their feet begin to ache. 

How to Throw a Flip Flop Party

Ready to throw your own flip flop party? Whether it’s for a wild bachelorette, a vibrant kiddie birthday, or a subdued spa day, the perfect flip flop party is at your feet. 

Keep reading to learn all the essentials you need to ensure your party is complete! 

Flip Flop Party Supplies

Most flip flop themed party ideas involve decorating the shoes. This is lots of fun and a chance to add a little competition, but you need to make sure you have all the supplies so that everyone can express themselves through their flip flop crafting. 

Here’s a short list of the essential items you’ll need for your flip flop party:

  • Flip flops
  • Hot glue guns
  • Stickers (if you have really small children decorate)
  • Ribbons, beads, pom poms, and other fun crafting items
  • Acrylic paint and brushes
  • A tablecloth or picnic blanket that can get messy
  • Prizes (if you’re turning it into a competition)

 An organge table is covered with colorful flip flop party supplies including ribbons, beads, sequins, and other fun crafting items.

Have all the supplies organized when guests arrive and reserve a space to let the completed artwork dry. 

Flip Flop Party Decorations

No party is complete without decorations, and a flip flop party offers excellent opportunities for decorating your day. 


Want to really hit home with the flip flop theme? Grab banners featuring flip flop designs, and order tablecloths and balloons that fit into the vibrant summery theme. 


If your flip flops aren’t the central theme of the party, then set them to the side in a basket with cute ribbons and a sign


That’s the fun thing about flip flops – they can be the star of the show, or blend in with existing decor!

Flip Flop Party Setup

Here are some ideas to make flip flops work with your party setup:


  • For outdoor parties, lay down a blanket and surround it with crafting supplies that guests can use to decorate their flip flops at any point during the celebration. 
  • If you’re tight on space, have the flip flops and supplies ready to bring out after eating. This way, you can clear the eating table and turn it into crafting central. Use baskets to keep all the supplies together and ready to set on each table. 
  • If you aren’t decorating the flip flops, include them in a basket with a sign that invites guests to take one. 
  • Dedicate one table at your party to flip flop decorating. This works great if you have multiple activities that everyone cycles through. 


Flip Flop Party Food Ideas

The right food will elevate any flip flop party. But what should you serve at your sandal soiree? Here are our favorite food ideas for any kind of flip flop party:


  • Chips and Salsa
  • A Cake with a flip flop design made with icing. 
  • Colorful candy, like sour patch kids and gummy bears
  • Sugar Cookies with flip flop designs
  • Use Rice Krispies Treats and candy to create edible flip flops
  • Chicken Wings 
  • Pizza
  • Tropical Cocktails or Fruit Punch


A grey table is covered with bowls of pretzels, chips, crackers and popcorn.


How to Make Flip Flop Party Invitations

Make sure your guests know what to expect from your party. This means giving everyone a heads-up that you’ll be supplying the flip flops – they just need to come ready to decorate. 


You’ll also want to provide the date, time, and location, along with any RSVP requests. 


For casual parties, you can send Evites over text or email. But if you’re planning something more classy, mailing the invitations will add a special touch.

A Party That’s Never a Flop (Only a Flip Flop)

Now that you know when, why, and how to throw a flip flop party, you’re ready to kick off your next great event. Remember to leave lots of room for creativity, match your existing theme, and have lots of fun. After all, flip flops are the world’s best shoes, and they’ll help you throw the world’s best party!


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