Hey there, my name is Sara Bokan and I am the founder of Reception Flip Flops. At Reception Flip Flops we believe being comfortable is the key to having a great time. So the more people our flip flops can help dance comfortably, the more energetic a reception dance floor will be!
In 2015 my fiancee and I attended a good friend’s wedding. After being in heels for 6 hours since the ceremony, my feet were on fire! To top it off I had just given birth a few weeks prior so I basically forgot what a pain it was to walk in heels. By the time we got to the reception I remember thinking there is no way I was going to be dancing, I would probably end up face planting after 5 minutes. At the end of the dinner the bride was walking around with a basket of flip flops and passing them out - it was as if an angel answered my prayers! Of course I grabbed a pair and asked her where she got these lifesavers. She complained that she couldn’t find anywhere that sold the whole package. So to add to the stress of planning the whole wedding she had to run around town to find a basket and go to multiple stores to find enough flip flops. Thanks to the flip flops we were on the dance floor all night and had a blast!
At the time I had one failed company under my belt and I was on maternity leave from my family’s business. With a baby that slept 90% of the day, I had a LOT of time to think. Thinking back to our friends wedding, I realized that there are probably tons of women out there with the same problem she had. So I decided to use my free time constructively and solve this problem, applying all that I had learned from my failed business to this new venture. And so Reception Flip Flops - your guests best friend was born! My goal in creating Reception Flip Flops is to make a bride's wedding planning at least just a little bit easier and provide a one stop shop to purchase flip flop baskets for her wedding guests. 



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