A bride in a white dress and groom in a white shirt with black pants hold a pink bouquet as they kiss under the water of a pool.

14 Dazzling Ideas for Your Wedding by the Pool

When you think of waterside weddings, you may imagine glistening creeks or bright blue oceans. But have you ever considered a pool wedding? 

These fun, modern settings are perfect for elegant or laid-back events. Swimming is totally optional. 

Whether you say "I Do" by the pool or save the sundeck for your reception, a pool party wedding is sure to make a striking statement that your guests will adore. 


Ready to dive in? Keep reading to discover the best inspiring wedding pool ideas for every style. 


1 - Floating Florals

Turn the pool into a blossoming showstopper by creating floating floral arrangements. Hire a florist to create striking designs, or DIY a masterpiece using foam and flowers. Have your arrangements stand out by including tea lights as part of the arrangement or floating alongside them in the pool. Include complimenting pieces around your wedding space, like at your ceremony altar and on the tables. Floating Florals is a classic wedding pool decor that is always impressive.

A white cage filled with purple orchids sits on the ledge of a swimming pool.

2 - Create a Bridge

If you dream of saying your vows poolside, finding the space for the altar or the entrances may be difficult. Instead, consider creating a custom wood bridge that you can secure over part of the pool. Your guests can sit or stand around the pool during your ceremony while the bridge can support you and your partner. The bridge could be wood or plexiglass to keep the water visible below. Be sure to hire a pro if you aren't a construction expert. Otherwise, your marriage could begin with an unexpected dip into the water. 


: Poolside wedding ceremony arch in tropical jungle on edge of blue infinity swimming pool.

3 - Make a Splash

Many pools act as a focal point during a wedding, but adventurous couples may want to include swimming in their poolside wedding. You can have a traditional ceremony followed by an old-fashioned pool party. Include classy floats and beachy cocktails.

Want to really make a statement? Jump in right after your vows. Just make sure the photographer is ready to capture that picture-perfect splash as newlyweds.  


Young couple jumping in the swimming pool in a wedding suit and wedding dress at their poolside wedding.


4 - Light Up The Night

Few things are as serene and beautiful as light reflecting on the water. Make the most of this simple yet wow-worthy decoration by including lots of lighting as you decorate a pool for your wedding. 

Whether you hang strands of bulbs over the water or go for oversized marquee letters, the reflection they cast on the pool will be gorgeous. 

Christmas lights shaped into round balls decorate a pool for wedding decor.

5 - Serve Poolside Cocktails

Many pool areas create a difficult space for dinner and dancing. However, the relaxed setting could be perfect for cocktail hour. 
Create custom drinks that your guests can enjoy before dinner. They'll love the chance to mingle around the calm water, and you'll get to decorate your poolside space without figuring out the logistics of making it work for an entire reception. 

Four colorful cocktails sit on the ledge of a pool at a poolside wedding reception. 

6 - Make a Design

One of the unique things about poolside parties is its blank space that your guests can look out over. Consider utilizing this by creating a one-of-a-kind design. 
Use petals, flower arrangements, or flat, floating letters to make a focal point for your celebration. It could be your initials, the word "LOVE," a heart, or a romantic swirl effect. 

Anchor your design in the pool to keep it in place, or consider covering the entire pool top with petals. 


White flowers on the water with purple water lily in the center pool wedding decorations.

7 - Offer Flip Flops

Nothing says "Pool Party" more than flip flops, so these are a must-have for your pool wedding. Instead of counting on your guests to bring multiple footwear options, provide flip flops for them

Present flip flops in a basket or display area, and invite your guests to kick off their formal shoes and enjoy your relaxed poolside setting. It may inspire them to get their feet wet, hit the dance floor, or embrace the casual spirit of a pool wedding reception. 

A bronze basket holds reception flip flops for a poolside wedding reception


8 - Lounge Around

Rent or create lounge seating to create a quiet space for guests to sip and chat. This is excellent if you have an indoor reception next to an outdoor pool space. This way, guests can get fresh air while sitting beside the peaceful water.

Use classic pool loungers, poufs, or inflatable seating. Be sure to include mood lighting and side tables. 


Chic wedding lounge pool party aesthetic shows grey outdoor patio deck with sofa on balcony in garden.


9 - Poolside Portraits

Even if you don't use a pool area for your ceremony or reception, you may still want to include it in your photos. After all, your photographer will love playing with the reflection and symmetry that the water offers. 

Take romantic pictures on the water's edge, or bring in your bridal party for some fun photos. 

Embrace a bright, sunny spirit, or create elegant low-light images as twinkle lights reflect on the water. 

Wedding by the pool with silhouettes of the bride and groom reflecting in the water at sunset.

10 - Create a Stylish Barricade

Worried that guests might venture too close to the pool? Consider blocking off access using decorative elements. For example, place welcome tables by the edges of the event area, or include lush floral arrangements.

Cocktails and food can be set up on tables by the pool to allow guests to look over the water without venturing too close.  

If you need to rope off parts of the deck, use a neutral color and incorporate garland or string lights for extra flair.

A pool is surrounded by white tables filled with orange cocktails, covered by blue patio umbrella pool decor for weddings .

11 - Have a Poolside After Party

If you have a chic reception that requires a more traditional venue, you can still make a splash by hosting an after-party at a pool. 
After the DJ heads home and your early-bird guests call it a night, you can move the party to a relaxed poolside setting. This is a great time to swim with your friends, make a classic pool party playlist, or simply sit around talking into the night. 

Vertical high angle view of a pool during a pool party reception under the sunlight in the us


12 - Host a Backyard Wedding

If you're planning a DIY Backyard Wedding, you may end up at a space that has a pool. You may choose to decorate it, barricade it or invite your guests to take a dip. 
Even if your dream wedding didn't include a pool, you might be surprised by how easily the water can become a part of your decor. 

Using a space with an above-ground pool? Consider hanging flowers and garland over the side, setting the DJ up on the deck, or using swag fabric to create a romantic effect for an otherwise unsightly item. 


Poolside wedding with bridal arch, with white flowers and greenery and black chairs for guests


13 - Go Minimalist with a Simple Pool Wedding

Many chic poolsides require very minimal decoration. After all, resorts and clubs likely create a dreamy environment for their pool, no matter what. Instead of dropping a fortune to make the pool look like something else, embrace its existing style and sense of place. 

This will alleviate a lot of cost and burden for you and ensure your wedding design is timeless. 

Simple pool wedding decor could include palm leaves in vases, string lights, and clean white tablecloths. 

Elegant simple pool wedding setup with pool in the middle of the venue, surrounded by set, white tables at sunset.

14 - Go Over the Top with an Elegant Pool Wedding

Hoping for an over-the-top wedding? You can still have an elegant affair by the pool. Include lots of floral, Chiavari chairs, dreamy candles, and impeccable poolside food and drink.  
Be sure to choose a pool venue that can cater to your vision. You'll need lots of space to decorate, flexible rules that allow for your design vision, and the necessary service to make your dream come to life. 

Don't forget to include elegant pool-themed favors, like summertime flip-flops or blanket wedding favors for chilly nights. 

White chairs surround both sides of a white aisle leading to a dramatic flower arrangement of blue and pink flowers, elevated by four metal pillars in front of a swimming pool

Poolside Weddings for All Styles and Budgets

You may have dreamed of a pool wedding for years, or maybe your venue happens to have a waterside setting. Either way, there are so many fun, stylish, and unique ways to ensure your pool event fits your style, whether it's minimalist, over-the-top elegance, or an all-in swim party. 


Be sure to get lots of dreamy photos, offer comfortable footwear to your guests, and slow down and truly enjoy your pool wedding. 


Wedding by the Pool FAQ

How to decorate a pool for a wedding?

Include floating florals, twinkling lights overhead, and Instagram-worthy cocktails. Consider creating a bridge over the pool for the aisle or altar and offering flip flops to guests.  

How to cover a pool for a wedding?

Wood is a simple way to cover a pool for a wedding, but plexiglass will be far more stylish. The clear plexiglass will allow you to still see the water underneath. You can also rent or buy sturdy swimming pool covers. 

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