A table full of succulent boho wedding favors with each wedding guest's name is displayed with a garden in the background.

8 Unique Bohemian Wedding Favors for Your Guests

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Your wedding is a celebration of love and is sure to be the most epic party you'll ever throw. It's a truly unforgettable occasion that you'll be swooning over for months and years to come. So to ensure your wedding guests feel the same way, send them home with a small gift to remember the day—one of these fantastic wedding favors! And today, we're focusing on all our free-spirited brides with these boho wedding favors. But don't worry; we'll also have other incredible favor ideas on our blog. 

If you need help determining where to begin, don't worry; we've got you covered. Here are 8 thoughtful boho keepsakes that will remind your loved ones of how wonderful and enjoyable your wedding was. 

What Is a Boho Wedding?

Before we get into the fun boho wedding gifts for your guests, it's important to understand what a boho wedding is and if it's right for you. Bohemian, or boho, is a trendy, retro look that combines contemporary flair with fashions from the late 1960s and early 1970s. Consider using natural materials, lace, soft linens, and wildflowers. 

Free spirits, whimsy inspired by the hippies, and an eclectic combination of textures and colors are all big parts of boho wedding themes. They can be anything from plain and artistic with a few bohemian accents to completely festival-inspired. 

You'll often find the bride wearing a lace gown with fluttery sleeves and bouquets filled with flowers and different grasses, all in unique textures and lots of earthy colors, such as rust, terracottas, browns, ivory, yellows, and even some pink shades. And there's a good chance the wedding decor will include some succulents.

Bohemian Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Here are the best boho wedding favor ideas to thank your guests for attending your wedding. 

Let Love Grow - Personalized Seed Packets

These handmade seed packet boho wedding favors are personalized with a message. Many couples include their names and the wedding date, but it can be anything you want. Inside the packets is a small zip-lock bag filled with wildflowers seeds. What better way for your guests to remember your wedding day than by looking at wildflowers blooming in their yard? 

Several small clay flower pots are in a pyramid pattern with each pot containing a pack of seeds that reads, "let love grow"
Let Love Grow- Custom Seed - PlainJane2424 - Etsy

Meant To Bee Honey Jars

If you want to give your wedding guests a gift they'll actually use, these mini "Meant to Bee" honey pots are a great idea. It's a practical gift and super cute too!

Eight small tan honey pots with matching wood honey dippers are tied shut with tan paper and tan twine. Each honey jar wedding favor has a small wedding couple tag.
Honey Jar Boho Wedding Favors - Natural Honey Bee

Mini Potted Succulents

The boho wedding theme typically includes lots of earthy things, so there's a good chance you'll see succulents in the decor or centerpieces. This is because they're such cool plants and come in various types, colors, and sizes. Mini-potted succulents are probably one of the most popular bohemian wedding favor ideas. Giving the gift of life is a great way for your guests to relive your special day. 

7 colorful potted mini succulent plant boho wedding favors are wrapped in burlap and twine

Mini Succulent Boho Wedding FavorsSurfsideSucculents - Etsy 

Mini Dreamcatcher Keychain Wedding Favors

Dreamcatchers have been a symbol of the boho movement for a long time. You could use them as your boho favors. Dreamcatchers are said to protect people while sleeping, especially kids, from bad dreams, nightmares, and evil spirits. 

An all white dream catcher key chain with a long white feather is packaged with twine on a burlap table cloth. Wheat stalks rest beside it.
Mini dreamcatcher Wedding favors - ByBeamEtsy

They are cute and whimsical in this miniature size, yet they have practical use as a keychain. Great 
bohemian wedding favor idea!


Custom Engraved Copper Mugs

Oh, we love this idea! And the cool thing about them is that they can do double duty. Create an escort wall and hang these custom engraved copper mugs with a sign that lets your guests know one of them is theirs to keep. Customized with your name and wedding date, these personalized copper mugs are the perfect boho wedding favors. 

Two copper mug bohemian wedding favors rest on a grey table- one up right and one titled on the side - with the text "Mike & Jenny 10/10/2015" engraved on them.
Personalized Mule Mug Copper - SoCiStore

Pashmina Wedding Favors

How often have you been somewhere and simply needed a small item to wrap around you in a chilly environment? Wedding pashminas are a great gift because most people won't buy them themselves. But this is generally a gift for the lady guests, so you may want to have an alternate gift idea for the guys too. 

Bulk Pashmina Wedding Favors - Reception Flip Flops

Heart Shaped Lavender Soaps

These lovely heart-shaped soaps have a relaxing lavender smell and a heart-shaped pattern and serve as oh-so-soothing boho wedding favors. They're even festooned with rustic dried flowers and personalized tags with your newlywed's name and wedding dates. 

11 heart shaped lavender soap boho wedding favors, in 11 small brown boxes rest on a marble table

Heart Shaped Soaps - SurfsideSucculents - Etsy 

Personalized Mini Olive Oil Wedding Favors

Come on…. isn't this the most perfect wedding favor? Who wouldn't love to receive these cute and practical personalized mini olive oil wedding favors? Of course, you can find almost anything you can dream up on Etsy, right? But we think your "foodie" friends will love these. And there are so many ways to customize the label with different colors and fonts. 

Trust us; your wedding guests will say, "olive you."

5 custom label olive oil boho wedding favor bottles rest at a diagonal on a burn stripped cutting board.Mini Olive Oil Boho Wedding Favors - BranchesOliveOil - Etsy 


If you dance to your own beat and live to embrace your inner free spirit, we know your wedding is going to be unique. Challenging your boho spirit on your wedding day means you'll likely be dressed in lace and lots of unexpected decor and details. We suggest you continue to infuse your bohemian prowess in your wedding favors. Hopefully, these boho wedding favor ideas are just the start.


So, ditch the traditional favors like a box of mints and instead gift your guests a unique wedding favor with a boho vibe. These are only 8 suggestions; you can find many more examples of boho gifts online.

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