5 Inspiring Ideas for Your Backyard Boho Wedding

5 Inspiring Ideas for Your Backyard Boho Wedding

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Boho is the ultimate in carefree weddings. While most of us still like to look our best on our wedding day, boho weddings minimize the traditional rules and etiquette of a typical ceremony. From the colors and decor to the food served at your reception, boho weddings are anything but traditional! Here are five inspiring ideas for your backyard boho wedding

Backyard Boho Wedding Inspiration Ideas

1 - Macrame Backdrop

A wood frame wedding arch is fitted with white macrame curtains in front of wooden fence with white candles and fan foliage.

For those unfamiliar with the art of macrame, it's a type of beading that uses rope or string to create intricate patterns and designs. You can find some great tutorials online on making your own macramé backdrop.

Once you have your backdrop made, you'll want to hang it on the wall behind where you will be standing during the ceremony. Hang it as high as possible so that no one can see behind it while they're in their seats—this will help make sure your guests don't accidentally catch a glimpse of any ugly folding chairs out of place!

Once your backdrop is up, all that's left is decorating for your boho backyard wedding! This is actually quite easy if you stick with natural materials like flowers or fruit: just choose whatever looks best together at the time and place them accordingly on top of each other, so they form an interesting pattern around where everyone stands during their vows (and then again later when everyone claps).

2 - Colorful Bouquets

A bride holds a bouquet of red and white small flowers mixed with baby's breaths.

Your backyard bohemian wedding bouquet should be a riot of color, texture, and juxtaposition. The best way to achieve this is by using a wide variety of flowers in varying shades and sizes. You can also choose flowers with different shapes (like roses or peonies) or those that smell particularly strong (lavender).

3 - Floral Embellished Outfits

A boho bride in a pink sheer dress holds pink and white cattail bouquet to her chest.

Floral embellished outfits are perfect for adding chic details to your bohemian backyard wedding. Not only can they be worn by you and your bridesmaids, but they're also great additions for guests looking to dress up their look as well!
There are many ways floral embellished outfits can be worn at a wedding:
It's always a good idea to use native plants if you live in an area where they grow naturally—they will look more natural than imported ones! If you don't know what kind of flora grows where you live, check out your local botanical gardens for ideas.

  • The Bride can wear a floral embellished gown - this could be an A-line or mermaid style with soft florals on it.

  • Bridesmaids could wear dresses in varying lengths with different flowers such as roses, gerbera daisies, or hydrangeas; if you're going for something more subtle, consider using darker shades like burgundy or navy rather than bright colors like pink or yellow.

  • Guests can go for a more casual look by simply wearing a floral print top with denim shorts or trousers.

4 - Hanging Decorations

A boho wood sign that reads, "love" hangs from a wood frame with tiny wooden circles in the background.

Hanging decorations are a fun way to add color and life to your wedding. They can be made from many materials, including old clothing and fabric scraps. The most important thing is choosing something that reflects your wedding style: if you have an outdoor boho wedding, choose something colorful and bright; if it's more rustic or country-themed, go for more earthy tones like browns and greens.

It's also important to remember that hanging decorations are very inexpensive! You may just have to pick up some rope or twine at the craft store (or cut up an old pair of tights!)—and that's all it takes!

5 - Feast Under the Stars

A bride and groom toast with a small family under fairy lights at a backyard boho wedding at night.

Dine under the stars with your guests. Nothing says "boho," like sipping wine and enjoying good company while surrounded by nature. An outdoor wedding dinner will save you money, as it's much cheaper than hosting an indoor reception.

You can even make it a seated dinner or buffet-style, so there's no need to waste space on tables and chairs indoors. Guests can walk around the yard while eating, giving them room to explore your property (and maybe even find a secret garden!).

    The Spirit of Boho Weddings

    6 bridesmaids with their backs to the camera, interlock arms dressed in jean jackets and their bridesmaid dresses.

    Boho weddings are all about celebrating love in a carefree way with fun and romantic elements. You can bring that carefree vibe to your backyard wedding by incorporating natural elements like flowers and succulents. Also, add some whimsy by hanging paper lanterns or stringing colorful lights around trees.

    As you're planning your boho celebration, take some time to enjoy the process of planning the wedding itself! Once you have the essentials squared away (venue, photographer), it's time for fun additions like finding decorations for tablescapes and choosing centerpieces that reflect your personal style.



    If you're still looking for more bohemian backyard wedding ideas, don't worry! There are so many more ways to create a boho-inspired wedding. From the details like table settings and flowers to unique boho wedding favors for guests, there are countless ways to incorporate bohemian elements into your big day. We hope these five tips have helped give some ideas on making your backyard bash feel extra special—and if nothing else, maybe they sparked some new ideas in your mind.


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