Blue and white striped wedding favor bags are tied shut with a starfish and red coral.

13 Destination Wedding Party Favors for Your Guests

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If your dream wedding includes jetting off to a remote island or unique locale, you'll want to get destination wedding favors for your guests. They're an excellent way to thank your guests for making the long trip to be there. The perfect vacation wedding favors range from silver baggage tags to travel candles and incense kits, which are fantastic for unwinding while traveling. 

So, we've curated a list of the best wedding favors for a destination wedding. You'll find many creative travel-themed wedding favor ideas and a few standard ideas. So, you'll surely find some great ideas here, whether the nuptials take place on a tropical island, on a mountaintop, or on a cruise ship. 

Are Wedding Favors Necessary?

In one simple word, no! You are not compelled to distribute favors at your wedding reception. Do we advise doing favors whenever possible? Absolutely. Giving even a small favor makes a tremendous difference. And they don't have to be significant or expensive (or even tangible items). 

The Culture & Spirit 

Before we get into our list of specific favor examples, we have a suggestion…when selecting your destination wedding guest gifts, try to choose something that embraces the culture and spirit of the location.

There are plenty of ways to use locally sourced ingredients and meaningful gifts for your guests. For example, in Mexico, you could give out handmade tortilla presses made from local wood or hand-painted pottery from Oaxaca. You could give out olive oil bottles with personalized labels or soap made with local herbs if you're tying the knot in the Mediterranean. And in the Caribbean, you could give out seashell jewelry or hand-painted wooden boxes.

No matter what type of wedding favors for destination weddings you choose, ensure they capture your destination's spirit. From personalized keychains and handcrafted soaps to eco-friendly jewelry and locally produced food, plenty of creative destination wedding favors will wow your guests and make the event even more memorable.

Destination Wedding Party Favors Guests Will Love

Destination Wedding Favor Bags

Since many of your guests will be traveling from afar, it's a great idea to give them a welcome bag filled with items they might not have known they would need at your destination. Some things you can include are listed below. 

  • Personalized sunglasses
  • Lip balm
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Mini bug spray
  • Personalized map of the area
  • A few snacks
  • Local treats
  • Sunblock packets
  • Something boozy
  • Hangover kit (Tylenol, antacids, electrolyte packets, vitamin C packets, travel-size eye drops)

Airplane Bottle Opener

Two bonze airplane bottle openers destination wedding favors are sitting on a wood table. One bottle opener is packaged and the other  rest on a daisy print gift bag.
Airplane Bottle Opener - MemoriesAndEffects - Etsy

These charming (and useful!) bottle openers in the form of airplanes are the ideal and appropriate choice for your destination wedding favors. These portable 
airplane bottle openers come in a lovely package that reads, "Our adventure begins." And since they're small, they'll be easy to take home. And every time they use it, they'll think of your wedding and their experience.

Wine Stopper

Two gold pineapple wine stopper destination wedding favors are sitting on a table. One wine opener is packaged and tied with a white bow. The other wine stopper is resting against the neck of a wine bottle on its side.
Pineapple Wine Bottle Stopper - Pbpaperie - Etsy

This is a fantastic wedding guest gift idea because it's something that most people don't buy for themselves. And if you customize it by adding your name and wedding date, it'll be a gift that will help them remember the great memories made. And there are many different types of wine stoppers, from a traditional cork to fancy silver or gold options. 

And, of course, you could search for options that embody the spirit of your wedding locale. A starfish or 
pineapple wine stopper for tropical destination weddings, an Eiffel Tower wine stopper for weddings in France, or a cactus wine stopper for a desert soiree are great ideas. Search on Etsy; you're sure to find one that matches your location. 

Luggage Tags

A wooden table is covered with 13 unique and colorful personalized luggage tag destination wedding favors.
Personalized Luggage TagsPongsArt - Etsy

Another great idea for destination wedding party favors is 
personalized luggage tags. Add a cute slogan, your name, and the wedding date, and your guests will love them. 

Flip Flops

Rose Gold Flip Flops - Reception Flip Flops

For couples planning tropical destination weddings, flip flops are an excellent idea for a travel wedding favor. You can personalize them with details from your event to make them even more memorable. 

Wedding Favor Candles

A woman holds a small glass wedding favor candle with a tin lid in her hands that features a customized label printed with the state of California and the names, "Anton & Jess" below it.
Wedding Favor Candles - LuluSugar -  Etsy

You can always have a few candles, so gifting your wedding guests a personalized candle is a great way to thank them for attending. In addition, wedding favor candles are compact and easy to travel with.

Personalized Tote Bags

A tan floral destination wedding welcome bag that reads, "Milly& Dylan" spill out sunglasses, sunscreen, sea shells and other cosmetic products.
Wedding Welcome BagIlulily - Etsy

Now, this is a wedding favor that we absolutely love! Your wedding guests will be exploring your destination and buying trinkets, so gifting them a personalized tote bag is a wonderful gesture. They'll be able to take it with them when shopping or using it when going to the beach or pool. 

There are tons of different styles on Etsy; you can shop for personalized tote bags here. 

Compass Wedding Favor

A gold compass travel wedding favor is fitted with a tag that reads, "Love is the compass of life."
Gold Wedding Compass Wedding Favor - Event Jubilee

Travel wedding favors like a 
compass are great gift ideas for a nautical or beach destination wedding. Personalize a card and have them pull double duty as your escort cards with a sweet note saying, "Love is the compass of life." It's a unique gift idea that your guests will love.

Personalized Olive Oil Jars


A small corked, clear bottle with olive oil and rosemary sprigs displays a tag that reads, "Infused with Love - Lucille & Thomas" followed by a wedding date.
Personalized Olive Oil Jar Tags - TwoCrewDesign - Etsy

If you're having a wedding in the Mediterranean, 
personalized olive oil jars are a great thank-you gift idea. They are a unique gift idea that will be unexpected but so appreciated. It's a cute idea that will wow your guests.


Take A Shot; We’re Tying The Knot

Two small mini patron bottle wedding favors rest on a wooden table imprinted with the poem, "Take a shot, we're tying the knot. Stacy & Dominic" followed by a wedding date.
Mini Patron Personalized Wedding Favor Stickers - MemoriesAndEffects - Etsy

If you’re looking for boozy wedding favors destination wedding guests will love, here you go!
Mini Patron bottles with a personalized sticker with your wedding details will be a welcome treat for your guests. These are especially perfect for a destination wedding in Mexico or if it’s your favorite drink. 

Custom Coffee Wedding Favor

A wicker basket surrounded by leaves is filled with 3 personalized coffee bag wedding favors.
Custom Coffee Wedding Favor Bags - DearlyBeelovedLLC - Etsy

Here is a unique wedding guest gift that we know your guests will enjoy and love- 
custom coffee bags. This will be the ideal wedding favor for any coffee enthusiast. They'll have ground coffee every morning to fill those mugs and reminisce about your wedding day.


A pink and brown macaron are packed in a see through pink box with a pink bow and a label that reads, "A Sweet Thank You - Ellie & Jason" with a wedding date.
Clear Macaron Box - CookieBoxStore - Etsy

Wedding macarons
 will be a trendy wedding treat forever. They're cute and super tasty, so your guests will love them. Choose a color that fits your wedding theme, get custom labels, and share them with your guests.

Personalized Wedding Fan

Two personalized wood and blue paper wedding fan favors are spread open on a white table.
Personalized Wedding Fans - ModParty - Etsy

If you're tying the knot in a steamy tropical location, you may want to consider having personalized wedding fans as your favors. There are so many unique and cute styles to choose from. These chic fans can be customized with the happy couple's names and used all summer long, whether at beach vacations or subsequent weddings.

And they can take them home and use them again and again. Cause let's face it, who wouldn't love to have a fan when you're hanging out in the backyard during the summer?

Regional Souvenirs

Local souvenirs are excellent when guests travel a considerable distance to attend a destination wedding. With the trinket, they'll be able to cherish the memories of your wedding and the location without spending money on a souvenir. Here are a few local wedding favor ideas for some of the most popular destination wedding locations. 


Ok, sure, Jamaica is one of the prettiest locations on earth, but it's not just about the beauty. Jamaican culture is something everyone on the planet should experience at least once in their lifetime. So, if you've chosen this tropical locale for your destination wedding, here are some fantastic local items that can be given as gifts to your guests. 

  • Mini rum cakes - they'll love it!
  • Mini Appleton Rum bottles
  • A jar of the local Jerk Sauce
  • Blue Mountain Coffee


Another stunning tropical location, Mexico is easy to get to, beautiful, and affordable, so it's always a popular locale for destination weddings. Check out these awesome ideas for Mexican favors. 

  • Mini tequila bottles (we know it's already on the list, but hey, it's Tequila)
  • Mexican Maracas
  • Mexican tile coasters
  • A Mexican blanket
  • Mexico-inspired hand-painted shot glasses


Greece is one of our absolute favorite destinations because of the weather, the food, and the scenery. So we've rounded up a few ideas for favors for a destination wedding in Greece. 

  • Mini Olive Oil bottles
  • Miniature Ouzo bottles
  • Evil eye charms
  • A keychain with the shape of the country
  • Jar of local honey
  • Greek pastries


Anywhere in Italy is a great place to tie the knot. And if your guests are making the trip to celebrate with you, gift them one of these.

  • Mini wine bottles
  • Italian confetti (candies)
  • Mini bottle of LImoncello
  • Olive oil bottles
  • Natural soap made with Sardinian essential oils of helichrysum and mastic


A card that reads, "in lieu of favors" rests on a small wooden table with a white feather.

Last but not least, this one is near and dear to our hearts. Instead of giving out favors, place a sign or leave a card at each table stating why you choose to donate money to a cause that is very important to you both. This is a beautiful and thoughtful gift, but when selecting a non-profit, be very careful to avoid offending anyone.


We know that you lavishly pay for every guest attending your wedding. However, to attend your special day, your guests must invest time and money in everything from travel and lodging to clothes, wedding presents, and more. Therefore, to demonstrate your gratitude for their participation and support, give a small token to show your appreciation. 

Destination Wedding Party Favors FAQ

Do you give out favors at a destination wedding?

Given the investment your guests make to attend your destination wedding, it is customary to give out a destination wedding favor. Some couples do bypass the standard travel wedding favor for a destination wedding welcome bag. If you're planning a destination wedding, think about giving your out-of-town guests welcome bags to say thank you for making the trip. The customary contents of these welcome packages include snacks, drinks, souvenirs, a list of upcoming weekend activities, and more.


How much do you spend on favors for your destination wedding?

The average price of a wedding favor is between 1 and 3 dollars, but we recommend adhering to a budget that works for you and emotes gratitude for guests attending your ceremony. 

budget friendly

Quality favors that don't break the budget.

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