8 Fun Ideas for Pool Party Gift Bags

8 Fun Ideas for Pool Party Gift Bags

Going to a pool party? You're in luck! You can make or buy small things to put in favor bags for people at your party. Check out these ideas and get your swimsuit ready:

Large, Durable Beach Ball, Sunglasses, Flip Flops Combo

A woman checks her phone wearing a white hat and red sunglasses with a large beach ball pool party favor.

If you're looking for something everyone can enjoy, a giant beach ball, sunglasses, and flip flop combo is a great pool party gift bag idea. The beach ball is one of the most popular pool toys, and it will be easy to find them at local stores. You can get sunglasses in different varieties at most stores as well. Flip flops are a great favor for guests who arrive in more dressy or complex sandals and plan to enjoy the pool. Pairing these items together makes for fun pool party goody bag ideas to keep guests comfy and entertained long after your pool party festivities.

Pool Party Inspired Bracelet

A string of tiny white beads is fitted with colorful translucent fruit charms to make a pool party favor. The word summer is written above the bracelet in Scrabble tile letters.

A bracelet is a great option for a pool party favor. They're small, inexpensive, and can be made in just a few minutes. You can make bracelets from ribbon, colored paper, yarn, or even fabric. Choose your favorite color or pattern and get started on your very own bracelet-making project!

Gourmet Box of Multi Flavored Popcorn

6 different brown snack boxes are filled with 6 different flavors of popcorn that are lined up in the shape of a heart.

If you're looking for pool party party favors that will appeal to a wide audience and look great on the table, this popcorn favor is the perfect choice. The guests will love the flavors, and your guests will be impressed by how elegant the popcorn box looks when they open it. Popcorn is one of those snacks that everyone loves, so it's an easy way to include something everyone can enjoy in your pool party favors. You can buy plain or flavored popcorn kernels at any grocery store or specialty food markets like Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. You can also find them online if you want to order in bulk—just make sure you have enough time before your party!

Toppings such as chocolate chips, nuts, and other fun ingredients can add some variety; just make sure they don't melt too quickly outside since all these things are best served warm! And if you really want to go all out for this theme idea (or any other), feel free to top it off with delicious sauces such as caramel sauce or Nutella spread -- yum!

Totes or Swim Bags

A straw hat and blue and white striped blue tote bag sit on a dock.

These make a great place to keep all your swim gear, so you don't have to lug it around all afternoon!
These handy bags are a great way to keep all your swim gear together, so you don't have to lug it around with you all afternoon! You can buy them at the party store or make one yourself. Swim bags are waterproof and easy to clean, so they're perfect for any pool party favor!

You can also use a swim bag as an overnight bag, extra storage space, and more. These reusable totes are great because they're waterproof and won't run if something leaks inside of them like other types of plastic (including ziplock bags). Plus, they have many different sizes available depending on what kind of things you will store inside.

Waterproof Sunscreen Packets

Suncreen sunglasses and an opened book rest on top of a blue and white beach towel.

Waterproof sunscreen packets are a fun and practical gift that will keep you and your guests safe in the sun. They're also easy to use and store, which makes them an ideal party favor for your pool party.

You can add these as favors, or if you'd like to get a little fancier with it, consider making them part of the theme. For example, if you're having a beach-themed party at home or at the club (we'll get into more cost-effective ideas later), these would make perfect favors for guests who love being out in the sun!

If you don't want to spend too much money on these items, there are plenty of ways that you can create waterproof sunscreen packets yourself instead of buying them from stores.

Lip Balm

Lip balm, perfume and nail polish are laid out on a pink background with colorful spots.

A lip balm is a great favor for your pool party. It can be used in the pool or anywhere else and comes in a variety of flavors and scents. Some are organic, while others aren't.

Hair Ties

One of the best things about hair ties is that they're more than just a practical pool party favor. They can be used for other things besides keeping hair out of your face and are inexpensive enough to not break the bank. Plus, you can find them in various colors and patterns, making them an ideal option for any party theme!

Beach Towels

Light blue flip flops rest on top of blue and green striped towels on top of wood deck with the word "summer" written.

These are great because they're both practical and fun and can be used after the party, too! There's nothing quite like a beach towel to add a little fun to your outdoor poolside party. They're practical, too: they'll help you dry off after swimming and keep your seat dry while relaxing at the poolside BBQ. Plus, guests can use them to carry their beverages or food, so you don't have to worry about them dropping things on their way back to their chairs!

You want your guests to feel comfortable—and what better way than with an oversized towel? You can pick up these colorful beauties in all sorts of patterns, from flamingos and palm trees to popsicles and pineapples. Your guests will love having something extra soft and absorbent on which they can sit while enjoying quality time with friends (or even just themselves).


If you are planning a pool party for your kids and need some fun ideas for favors, these are some great pool party gift ideas.
When we were growing up, my mom always made sure she had something special in each bag for us. Some of the things she would give us were little candies or even small toys. I remember being so happy when I got home from school because I knew there would be something waiting for me! Now that we have children of our own, we want to make sure they feel welcome at any event or party we host by providing them with something special too!

Pool Party Goodie Bag Ideas FAQ

What to do for a pool party?

A pool party can be lots of fun and a great way to spend time with your friends. If you're hosting the event, you'll want to make sure that you have enough food, drinks, and entertainment. Make sure that everyone has sunscreen and plenty of towels for guests. Be sure to ask guests if they are allergic or have food restrictions before providing snacks.

What time should a pool party start?

A pool party should start at a time that is neither too early nor too late. If the party begins at 11:00am, guests will be tired, hungry, and hot. If the party starts at 5:00pm, guests will be hungry and hot. The perfect time to start a pool party is 2:00pm when people are still awake in the afternoon but have yet to wear out.

What to wear to a kids' pool party?

As children's parties tend to have strict dress codes, adults must be mindful of the dress code at these events. A good tip for adults is to wear a t-shirt and shorts.

How to plan a pool party for adults?

It can be difficult to plan a pool party for adults. You'll want to think about when you want the party, what type of activities you want, how many people are attending and what the weather will be like.

How to have an awesome pool party?

If you're hosting a pool party, there are several things you need to manage. You need to set up an attractive space, keep the area free of insects and provide food and drink. You may also want to consider providing poolside games and activities for your guests.

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