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10 Bridesmaid Gift Bag Ideas

There are a million decisions to make when planning a wedding, some of which are pretty challenging and stressful. But coming up with unique, fun, and exciting bridesmaid gift bag ideas isn’t one of them. On the contrary, it’s actually the best part. After all, these are your ride or dies, your girl gang, your tribe who have been with you through the best and worst of times.

There is no one you would rather have by your side on your wedding day, so they deserve the best. To help you choose the perfect goodies to give them, we’ve curated a list of the best bridesmaid gift bag ideas. And these are gifts they’ll love.

Your “I Do” crew has been by your side through thick and thin and will support and celebrate your love on your wedding day. So, let’s find them a gift that shows your appreciation, love, and the unique relationship you have with them.

Four women in lavender silk bathrobes and one women in a white bathrobe prepare to cheers as the women in the white bathrobe opens a bottle of champagne. The room is decorated with green hanging vines and gold balloons.

What to Put in Bridesmaids’ Gift Bags?

The beauty of a bridal party gift bag is that you can tailor each one for your unique ladies. You love them for different reasons, and your relationship with each one is special and unique. So, curate a gift bag that celebrates the things they love instead of giving everyone the same gift bag goodies.

Here are some fantastic ideas of what to put in bridesmaid bags. And we’re sure there’s something here for even your most unique friend.

From the gals that love glitz and glam to the boho babe and your rough and rugged country gal - there are excellent gift bag ideas here.

Pretty Floral Bridesmaid Mugs With Their Initial

We’re pretty sure most ladies love a good cup of coffee or tea. And they probably get bored with the standard plain coffee mugs. So show your ladies how much you love them by including a pretty floral mug in their goodie bags with their initials.

Four decorative floral mugs with a single letter in gold print are displayed against a white background.

Personalized Robes

We’ve all seen cute wedding day photos with the bride and her tribe in cute robes. We love it and don’t think this trend will stop anytime soon. So, gift your crew with adorable, personalized bridesmaid robes.

They can wear them on your wedding day and every morning after that. It’s the gift that keeps on giving because they’ll be able to wear it for years. And, of course, you’ll get those epic photos while getting ready on the wedding day.


Two customized bathrobes are shown with intricate floral patterns on a single letter. One robe is white and reads bride. One robe is lavender and reads bridesmaid.


Pashmina Scarves

Pashmina scarves make a great bridesmaid gift because it’s something that many people will never buy for themselves. But how many times have you been somewhere and just needed a little something to wrap around you when it’s chilly? They’re available in many colors and even some beautiful prints. 

Wedding Pashmina also makes an excellent wedding favor for your guests. 


Sugarfina Bridal Party Candies

Sugarfina’s bridal party candies feature Champagne Bears infused with Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne, Sparkling Rosé Bears infused with wine from Provence, and their best seller, Peach Bellini will be the sweetest treats to enjoy on your wedding day.

A clear box showcases Sugarfina champagne gummy bears. The bears are tan and pink.

Gold Engraved Bracelet

A gold engraved bracelet is an excellent keepsake idea that will be loved by all and an excellent addition to your bridesmaid gift bag. And there are many beautiful designs on Etsy and at jewelers.

Customize them with their names or your favorite quote or saying. Make it personal for each gal, and they’ll love it!


Gift Cards

You can never go wrong with a gift card. And since most businesses offer them today, you can WOW your bridal party with this thoughtful gift. It can be a gift card to their favorite shop or an experienced-based gift card to a spa or activity. 

It’s a fabulous addition to the bridal party gift bags.


Cosmetics or Beauty Products

Who doesn’t love getting makeup or skincare products gifted to you? This is a great gift bag idea because they are small and practical. After all, most women use them


Five women are dressed in blue jeans and white tank tops. Four of the women hold gifts while the woman in the center holds a set of colorful balloons.


Decorative Cosmetic Bag

Another cool bridesmaid gift is a decorative, pretty, or funky cosmetic bag. This is probably one item many women buy and keep forever, but let’s face it… now and then, you need to throw it away and get a new one.

So, whether or not you include cosmetics in the bag - it’s still a great gift!


Crochet Tote Bag

This cute little crochet macrame tote bag is a fun gift for all your boho babes. We love that they are made of macrame and have beautiful color options and some fun tassels. It’s the perfect boho crochet tote bag.

A tan crocheted hand bag with colorful tassels lays on top of a white crocheted hand bag.


Personalized Tumblers

Everyone loves tumblers, but a simple tumbler won’t do for your bridesmaids. We love these clear personalized tumblers with a metallic rose gold top and a pretty font for their names.

Two clear tumbler with rose gold lids and cursive font writing are filled with a pair of rose gold sunglasses and a rose gold lip balm. One tumbler rest on top of a white cloth gift bag with heart polka dots, while the other sits on a rose gold cloth. A closed polka dot gift bag is in between the two items.


Bridesmaid gift bag ideas can indeed be anything you want. They can be little trinkets for practical uses, personal or customized items, or things to wear. There is no doubt you love your girls, so getting goodie bags for bridesmaids is a great way to show them how much you appreciate them.

Bridesmaid Gift Bag FAQ

What to put in bridesmaid gift bags?

When it comes time to choose your bridesmaid bag ideas, the sky is the limit. Choose gifts that you know they will love. These can include small trinkets like makeup, picture frames, wedding survival kits, and all the way to wearable items such as robes, pajamas, or pashminas.


When to give bridesmaid gifts?

Once you've decided on all the gift bag ideas for bridesmaids, you have to figure out the best time to present them to your girls. The best time to give your bridesmaids their gift bags is shortly before the wedding. You could give it to them at the rehearsal dinner or any other pre-wedding event.

Doing this will ensure that they can keep track of the gift items. Because you know the wedding day will be crazy, their gifts may be misplaced.

How much do you spend on bridesmaid gifts?

No one wants to go broke buying bridesmaid gifts, so a safe budget is what you know you can afford. Don't go overboard and into debt with your bridal party gift bag ideas.

The average amount spent on bridesmaids' gifts is probably somewhere between $75 - $150. But stick to your budget and do what's best for you; if that's only $20, it's okay -they'll still love it!

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