White Flip Flops - 24 Pairs

$60.00 $100.00

Our flip flops are guaranteed a PURE white, not an off/dirty white or a lilac hue white. In the photo you can see the Reception FLip Flops difference. The left flip flop has a lilac hue, the middle is our pure white, the right flip flop is an off white. Our straps are 30% wider to provide a more snug and comfortable fit. Please be aware there are a lot of cheap flip flops out there that don't get this simple thing right. 

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Sizes Included:

4 - S (size 5/6)
13 - M (size 7/8)
7 - L (size 9/10)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Great quality, arrival before expected

Flip-flops for my sons wedding

The flip-flops came on time and were Perfect for the girls to wear and I got to take a pair home for the summer thank you so much


Package arrives as promised. Multiple sizes for our guests.
Thank you!

Very satisfied

I ordered my flip flops and revived them quickly I would recommend them


I ordered the black and white flip flop combo pack for my son's wedding in August. They were a big hit and much appreciated by all the lady guests! Everyone kicked off their uncomfortable heels and grabbed a pair. I got a lot of compliments and would order them again. There was not one pair left over for me!

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